Roll-iT has experience and expertise in a range of areas, enabling us to offer reliable, highly targeted services.

SPMT Transport

Roll-iT specializes in Self-Propelled Modular Transporter solutions. Our fleet is ready to move your large and heavy loads.

Split SPMT

Does your load need to be spread across a broader surface area? Our Split SPMTs have the solution.


Do you have to raise a large or heavy load? We have the jacking systems to do it.


Find out the exact weights you are dealing with.

Project Management

Our experienced experts manage your project from door to door.

Port Facilities

Need space? Roll-iT has a 14,000 m2 area at the Port of Antwerp.


We show you how your project will run using accurate calculations brought to life as 3D graphics.

Rental of Auxiliary Equipment

Roll-iT offers you auxiliary equipment and materials: on its own or combined with our other equipment.

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