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Safety always comes first at Roll-iT. Every project is meticulously planned and prepared. We investigate risks, engineering requirements and specific concerns to ensure absolute safety of our staff, the general public and the materials we are moving.

Roll-iT has received certification from VCA Petro, recognizing our commitment to safety, the prevention of personal injury and damage to materials, equipment or the environment.

Corporate social responsibility

Roll-iT believes in investing in our people, the environment and our customers in an effort to make the world a better place.

Caring for our people

Roll-iT relies on the expertise of the people who work for us. We keep them motivated through targeted training on topics ranging from technological developments to safety. Furthermore, we take steps to protect them from illness and work-related stress, with everything from free flu vaccines to ergonomic advice.

Making the environment a priority

Roll-iT believes in sustainable entrepreneurship. Where possible, we take steps to protect the environment for the future. As well as investigations into alternative fuels, we have installed solar panels and use a smart lighting system that adapts itself to the changes in daylight intensity.

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