When the old railway bridge in Roux (BE) needed replacement, Roll-iT, Aertssen Kranen and Aertssen Transport worked together at lightning speed.

Exceptional transport

Replacing a railway bridge with a minimum of disruption to train services requires detailed preparation. With calculations made, checked and double-checked, permits arranged and even the police on standby, everything and everyone was ready for action. Roll-iT arrived with their heavy machinery. This included a modular trailer with two turntables, each weighing 150 tons, that were vital for maneuverability. There were also five concrete bridge decks, each weighing more than 200 tons, that relied on the services of Roll-iT SPMTs.

From old to new

Preparations were made to the old bridge to ensure there was adequate room for its replacement. Working with a local contractor, Roll-iT took this operation one step at a time. The train tracks and ballast were removed, followed by the old bridge decking. Two 500-ton mobile cranes placed the new decks on SPMTs. The brand-new elements were carefully moved and placed between the bridgeheads.

In total, there were only two closures required, both within the space of a single weekend, with the job finished on time. By Monday morning, trains were able to resume normal service.